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Story behind the Story

Hi everyone and welcome to my blog. I hope you are enjoying sharing my first three books with your little ones.

As mentioned on the book covers, the stories all have an element of truth as they are loosely based on actual events that have occurred on my son and son in laws property in north west Tasmania. I have delighted in recreating these events and will continue to write stories with the intent of creating an underlying theme that acknowledges and accepts the diversity of modern family life and relationships.

Love, empathy, and acceptance are the consistent elements that I build my stories on. I want to teach my little readers that it’s OK to be different and in fact to celebrate this diversity in each of us. We are all unique and that’s OK! Family structures are different today and that’s OK too. Some families have a mum and dad and some are blended families. Some families have two mums or two dads and some only have one parent and that’s OK!. Some kids are adopted or fostered or are born through the support of modern medical intervention and that’s OK! In Australia today there are kids from many different cultures too and that’s OK!. Some kids have a medical disability or physical impairment and that’s OK!. Some kids identify as being of a different gender or gay and that’s OK. Despite what might been seen as “ different” should in-fact be celebrated as the unique attributes that make each of us the person we are.

Thank you for your support and I look forward to hearing from you and will keep you informed as my future stories are published and available for purchase.

Daria Atkinson.

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